29 July 2017

GRIM "Discharge Mountain" Cassette is now available to pre-order!

GRIM "Discharge Mounatin" Cassette

Grim史上初となる国外ライヴ・コンサートとして、2016年ドイツ・マンハイムで行われたフェスティヴァルWill To Power:Electronics II に合わせTesco Organisationより出版されたアルバム"Orgasm"に続き、フランスはリチュアル・ミュージック/ポスト・インダストリアルの秘境Athanorより10インチ・ミニアルバムが愈々8月にリリース!

本作の発売記念として7月23日桜台Poolにて行われたコンサートに合わせ、Eskimo RecordsとLust Vessel間で共同製作・会場限定で先行出版されたカセット・エディションも正式に同時発動!

本作は小長谷淳による完全なソロ楽曲4編から成り、各種民族打楽器やエレクトロニクス、呪術的ヴォーカルを交えたゲリラ・リチュアリズムたる祭儀音界を創成。各エディション共に異なるアートワークは小長谷淳自身によるもの。マスタリングはLily Vice (Lust Vessel / Sacred Lust Studio) が手掛ける。

価格: 1,190 円

* カセット・エディションについてはLust Vessel Distribution限定発信となり、10インチ・エディションと合わせ現在ご予約を承っております。お求めの際はlustvesseldistro [at] gmail [dot] comまでお申し付けください。本作の発送は8月初旬-中旬から開始いたします。

[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Discharge Mountain [放電山]
A2. Summons [召喚]
B1. Godess Moth [天虫]
B2. Nine [九]

[ n o t e s ]
Recorded by Jun Konagaya in Japan Spring Equinox
Mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio
Artwork by Jun Konagaya
Design and Layout by Lily Vice
Production directed by Lust Vessel
Exclusively distributed via Lust Vessel Distribution


GRIM "Discharge Mountain" Cassette

Following the full-length album Orgasm released on Tesco Organisation to coincide with the first European show at the festival Will To Power:Electronics II in 2016, GRIM has been just back with a mini-album entitled Discharge Mountain which contains brand new 4 tracks recorded solo by Jun Konagaya, a mastermind of GRIM, during Spring Equinox 2017 in Japan.

The incarnation of the Guerrilla Ritual Mystique

This limited cassette edition produced by Eskimo Records in association with Lust Vessel, and specially released in time for the show for Experimental Free Recording at Sakuradai Pool in Tokyo, 23th July 2017. 

This cassette edition will be officially launched into the public field worldwide in August coinciding with the 10 inch vinyl edition which is releasing on the classic French label Athanor.

NB: Lust Vessel Distribution is the flag source/shop for this cassette edition. Please write to L.T.A. (the gatekeeper for our mail-order) via lustvesseldistro [at] gmail [dot] com for pre-ordering. We will start to ship those titles from early/mid August - more details will be updated later. 

Price: 1,190 JPY

[ t r a c k l i s t ]

A1. Discharge Mountain [放電山]
A2. Summons [召喚]
B1. Godess Moth [天虫]
B2. Nine [九]

[ n o t e s ]

Recorded by Jun Konagaya in Japan Spring Equinox
Mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio
Artwork by Jun Konagaya
Design and Layout by Lily Vice
Production directed by Lust Vessel
Exclusively distributed via Lust Vessel Distribution


Thank you for your attention and support as always.

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28 July 2017


Here is our current stock list updated in July 2017.

Some long out of print titles hidden in the shades have been found and added on the catalog.

For ordering, please check the bottom of the page.

L U S T   V E S S E L   A N D   L V   L I N E A G E   T I T L E S


* KAKERLAK "Among The Minutiae" CS (Stiff Sanctorum)

      - back in stock from a distributor. last few copies
* KNÆKKEDE STEMMER "Andet Portræt" CS (Lust Vessel)
      - back in stock from a distributor. last few copies
* MORDANT KARMA "Devour" CS (White Centipede Noise)
      - out of print at the source. last few copies
* NETO "Énumération de ZAMVOLI / Mouille rêve de CARAVOLI" CS (Lust Vessel)
      - back in stock from a distributor. last few copies
* THE RITA "Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage" CS (Stiff Sanctorum)
      - back in stock from a distributor. last few copies
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Projekt Neue Ordnung II" 4xLP BOX (Tesco Organisation) - last few copies
      feat. Am Not, Alfarmania, Ausströmen, Body Cargo, Cadlag, Deathpanel, Dust Belt, Geography Of Hell, Graustich, Griefer, Grunt, Ill,
             Jaakko Vanhala, Ke/Hil, K.I.A., Lebensfaden, :M:, Pain Nail, Puce Mary, Ptertgium, Rope Society, Rusalka, Rusha, Salford Electronics,
             Screloma, Shift, S.T.A.B. Electronics, Svartvit, The Trainables, Totraum, Wertham.

E X C L U S I V E   T I T L E S   D I S T R I B U T E D   V I A   L V D   I N   J A P A N


* ALEXEY TEGIN "Gyer - Sacred Tibetan Music Of Bon Tradition" CD (Monotone)

      - out of print at the source. last few copies
* CSH "Unnamed Disease" CS (Trapeze Tapes)
      - out of print at the source. last few copies
* ESPECTRA NEGRA "Cunt" CS (self released)
      - last few copies
* ESPECTRA NEGRA "Savage Justice" CS (self released)
      - last few copies
* LE SYNDICAT "30 Years Of Excess" 6 x CS BOX (Influencing Machine Records)
      - last few copies
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Ruins: Urbe-Berlin" CS (Urban Arts Berlin)
      feat. Seamus O'Donnell, Verónica Mota, Jon Evans, Anthony Janas.
      - last few copies 


* ABSCHEU "Breviary Of Chaos" CS (Unrest Productions)

* AISCHROLATREIA "Spiral Injection / Loathsome Rift" CS (Fieldwork)
* ALFARMANIA & PROIEKT HAT "Astral Slaktmask" CS (Chefsideologens Bolag)
* ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Codex Demi-Monde" CS (Chondritic Sound)
* ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. "Resurrection" CS (Chondritic Sound)
* ALONE IN THE HOLLOW GARDEN "L. V .X." C52 (Red Cavity Records)
* ANEMONE TUBE "In The Vortex Of Dionysian Reality" CS (The Epicurean)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Live In Boras" CS (Zaetraom)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Noehaem" CS (Zaetraom)
* ARBITER "Negatively-Existent Cell" CS (Fieldwork)
* ARKHE "Downstream" CS (Kafé Kaos)
* ARMOUR GROUP "Live Assault" C16 (Trapdoor Tapes)
* ARV & MILJÖ "Samling" 2 x CS (Archivio Diafònico)
* ARV & MILJÖ ‎"Ungdomsband" CS (Second Sleep)
* ASHBURN COUNTY ‎"Our Dead Selves Rise" CS (Beläten)
* BARRIKAD "Through The Voice One Becomes Animal" CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)
* THE BIRD CAGE THEATER "Finite City//Hurricane Dirge" CS (Danvers State Recordings)
* BIZARRE UPROAR "Live Humiliation CS (Filth And Violence)
* BIZARRE UPROAR "Vihameditaatio" CS (Filth And Violence)
* BLODVITE "Renad I Eld" CS (self released)
* BO TÖRNOS "Evigliet Det Är Ett Rike På Andra Sidan Tideu" CS (Cuniunction Releases)
* BODY CARGO "Conspiracy Of Containers" CS (Autarkeia)
* BODY CARGO "Echoes" CS (Autarkeia)
* BODY CARGO "Posthum" CS (Autarkeia)
* BRETHREN "Alienated And Radicalized" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* BRETHREN "Savage Inequalities" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* BURIAL HEX "Assumption / Ascension" CS (Angst)
* CALIGULA031 "Private Venus" CS (Lake Shark Harsh Noise)
* CAULDHAME "Debris" CS (Unrest Productions)
* CELEBRITY APPRECIATION SOCIETY "Selected Case Studies Volume 1: * Loss Of Innocence" CS (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies)
* CHRIS GOUDREAU "Odd Monsters" CS (Kitty Play Records)
* CLEW OF THESEUS "Live July 3, 2010" CS (Cathartic Process)
* CLEW OF THESEUS "Rehearse The Right Life" CS (Husk Records)
* CLEW OF THESEUS ‎"Vaults, Vol. 1" CS (Cathartic Process)
* CLINIC OF TORTURE "Slavesex" CS (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies)
* CON-DOM "Nothing - Live Manifestations Of The Eighth Pillar: Maschinenfest / Jerusalem" CS (Raubbau / Pflichtkauf)
* CON-DOM "Shards Of Ordnance" 2 x CS (Industrial Recollections)
* CON-DOM "War And Ordnance" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* CONCRETE MASCARA "History Of Ruin" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* CONSCIENTIA PECCATI "Confusio Solis" CS (Luce Sia)
* CONSULATE "Carpathian Blues" CS (Algebra Of Need)
* CONTORTUS "Meat And Psychology" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* CONTROL "Over Maschinenfest, Paris and Berlin (Nudity, Blinded Eyes and Burning Gear)" CS (Raubbau / Pflichtkauf)
* CRYME "Mekonium" CS (Beläten)
* CUSTODIAN "Destructive Resonance" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* D.C.A. / ODAL "Jap Evil Demon" CS (Hate Song)
* D.D. DOBSON "A Halo Of Affectation" CS (777 Was 666)
* DAJJAL "Ur" single-sided CS (Influencing Machine Records)
* DEATH AGONIES "Dust In The Lungs Of God" CS (Cathartic Process)
* DEATH KNEEL "French Farewell" CS (Summer Isle)
* DEATH SQUAD "Cutting Myself Open To See & Feel Blood" CS (Neural Operations)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "Pzykadelischer Todeswunsch Auf Dem Machinenfest 2k9 - Deutsch Nepal Live In Essen" CS (Raubbau / Pflichtkauf)
* DIAGRAM: A "Cold Mountain Peace" CS (Bacteria Field)
* DISTEL "Ultra2012" CS (Beläten)
* DOROGA "II" CS (Obscurex)
* DRAMA! "untitled" CS (KHK Tapes)
* DREKKA "Don't Make The Drugs Live To Regret This: Live 2014" CS (Dais Records)
* DRUG AGE "Tropismo" CS (Joy De Vivre)
* DYSTHYMIA "Guardian Of Emotions" CS (Tape FIend)
* DYSTHYMIA "Those Silent Thoughts" CS (Self Abuse Records)
* E.E.M. "As Father Told Me To" CS (Narcolepsia)
* EDGE OF DECAY "Halogeeni Helvetti" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* ENVENOMIST "The Sixth And Seventh Key" CS (Hanson Records)
* ERIC LUNDE "Neither Lot Nor Sums" CS (Banned Production)
* ERIC LUNDE "Separtion" CS (Traitmediaworks)
* ĒV OF ISIS "Dark Ambition" CS (Beläten)
* EXPLODING MIND "Ex-Auge Gottes Kino" CS (Santos Productions)
* FÄKALIEN "Hur Finna Glädje I Allt Detta Lidande" CS (Angst)
* FEBERDRÖM "Intrusion Of Mortality" CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)
* FEBERDRÖM "To fetter Ghosts of Atrocities" CS (Angst)
* FEJHED "Fejhed" CS (Chrondritic Sound)
* FILTHY SOCIAL CLUB "Astral Turd" CS (777 Was 666)
* FOREPLAY "Salt Poisoning" CS (Chrondritic Sound)
* GJÖLL "Temporary Symbiosis: Gjöll At Maschinenfest 2009" CS (Raubbau / Pflichtkauf)
* GOD IS BLACK "Accidia" CS (Total Black)
* GRAIN BELT / WINCE "Live In The Twin Cities" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* GRUNT "Chance To Be Cruel" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* GRUNT "Sacrosanct Imperium" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* GRUNT "Swarm Of Parasites" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* :m: "La Nauseé" CS (Fusty Cunt)
* H.C.O.D "Coarse Defect" CS (Fiekdwork)
* HAARE "A Split Second In Eternity" CS (Cipher Productions)
* HAARE "Musta Magia" CS (Heavy Meditations)
* HANGED MANS ORGASM "Mystery" CS (Self Abuse Records)
* HANGED MANS ORGASM "Secrets" CS (Self Abuse Records)
* HASEGAWA-SHIZUO "120728" CS (Haang Niap Records)
* HASSOKK "Betono Gniaužtai" CS (Phage Tapes)
* HAUNTED TRAILS "Ranger" CS (Sprachlos Verlag)
* HENRIK RYLANDER "The Horror" CS (Hästen & Korset)
* HERMANN KOPP "Sinekdoxa" CS (Alien Passengers)
* HERUKRAT "I Bear Witness" C32 (Total Black)
* HERRIE = BEK "Bijbelkruisiging" CS (Stront)
* HOLLOW BUSH "Phase IV" CS (Influencing Machine Records)
* ICE YACHT ‎"Pole Of Cold" CS (Fragment Factory)
* IDIOT BOX "Tomorrow Will Be Different" CS (Exoteque Music)
* INADE "Live At The Maschinenfest 2014" CS (Raubbau)
* IVORY PRINCE "s/t" CS (Angoisse / Total Black)
* JARL "Tunnel Vision / Mind Reaper" 2 x CS (Autarkeia)
* JASON CRUMER "Gentrification Suite" CS (Banned Production)
* JEFF CENTRAL "Primativa" CS (Black Music)
* JET PARTITIONS "Parameters" 2 x CS (Obscurex)
* JIM HAYNES "Scarlet" CS (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
* JORAN LAPERRE "Calabiyau" CS (Cuniunction Releases)
* KAMA RUPA "City Of Caesars" CS (Robert & Leopold)
* KARJALAN SISSIT "...Want You Dead" CS (Total Black)
* Ke/Hil "Life DeKay" CS (Tesco Organisation / Zaetraom)
* Ke/Hil "Syn/Anti/Drome" CS (Tesco Organisation / Zaetraom)
* KRANIVM "The Complete Recordings" 3 x CS (Urashima)
* KRANK / THE GRIMSEL PATH "Verdant Hum" CS (The Epicurean)
* LÁGRIMAS / PRISIONERO13 "split" CS (Obrero)
* LANDVARELSER "Strålning B" CS (Sprachlos Verlag)
* LAPOT "Igneous Corrosion" CS (Obscurex)
* LASIK SURGERY "The Mission Is Terminated" CS (Santos Productions)
* LAXATIVE SOULS (LXSS) "Desinfektionsraum" CS (Multiple Configuration)
* LAXATIVE SOULS (LXSS) "Twist And Decease" CS (Multiple Configuration)
* LAXATIVE SOULS / EVITAXAL "Riven Nights" 2 x CS (LucE Sia)
* LIEBESTOD "Liebestod" CS (self released)
* LOFTHAUS "Alive With Pleasure" CS (Algebra Of Need)
* LYS "Klaida ir Užuojauta" CS (Terror)
* M.B. "Teknoise" CS (Angst)
* MACRONYMPHA "Purulent Recollections" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* MANIA "1 Gun, 100 Graves" CS (Trash Ritual)
* MANIA "Grim Conditions" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* MANIA "Insidious And Alone" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* MARTIN HERTERICH "Psalm" CS (iDEAL Recordings)
* MICHAEL IDEHALL "Deep Code" C35 (Beläten)
* MILITARY POSITION "Anti-Human" C22 (Trapdoor Tapes)
* MILITÆR ENHED "Sarajevo: Den Sorte Hånd" CS (Beläten)
* MIXED BAND PHILANTHROPIST "The Impossible Humane" CS (Hypnagogia)
* MK9 "Interim : Unused Sounds From The 2010 Tour" CS (Neural Operations)
* MLEHST "Cunt Trouble" CS (Monorail Trespassing)
* MSHING / SENTENCED FOR LIFE "Live Assault 2015/2013 / Despertar De La Bestia" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* N. "Born To Die" CS (Angst)
* N. "N." CS (Angst)
* NECROPHONIE "untitled" CS (self released)
* NYODENE D "Atop Masada" CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)
* NYODENE D "I Have No Mouth, Yet I Must Scream" CS (Obscurex)
* O'BL m.a.d.d. "Bathing In Vasts Ov Amputated Genitalia" CS (Angst)
* OBJEKT/URIAN "Agitprop - Proclaimed at Maschinenfest" CS (Raubbau / Pflichtkauf)
* OF THE WAND AND THE MOON "Tears For A Lifetime" CS (Heiðrunar Myrkrunar)
* OORCHACH "Vigilia" CS (Terror)
* ORGASMIC RESPONSE UNIT "Lesbian Hospital Orgasmic Response Unit" 2 x CS (Phage Tapes)
* OSCILLATING INNARDS "The Broken Column" CS (Iatrogenesis Records)
* PACIFIC 231 "Onanism 657Hz" CS (Banned Production)
* PESTDEMON ‎"Doppelgänger" CS (Unrest Productions)
* PIECES "Pieces" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* PIPELINE ALPHA "Demons And Dances" CS (Robert & Leopold)
* POENA "Likbode" CS (Beläten)
* POGROM "Father:Land" CS (Terror)
* POGROM "Live" CS (Filth And Violence)
* PREYERS "Sacrifice Zones" CS (Tape Fiend)
* PROIEKT HAT "XX" CS (Xn Recordings)
* PTERYGIUM "The Revival Of Unwritten Laws" CS (Algebra Of Need)
* QUACK QUACK / MILOS OLYMPUS "s/t" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* RADIOSTALKING "Cemetary of Radioactive Animals" CS (Biosonar^Lo-End)
* RANDY GREIF / KNAPP "Noises From The Attic / Knapp" CS (Forced Nostalgia)
* RAVEN STRAIN "Trisagion" CS (Hanson Records)
* RED LIGHT "Red Light" CS (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies)
* REDROT "The Red Death" CS (Chondritic Sound)
* RICHARD GARET "60' Cassette" CS (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
* ROPE SOCIETY "Dissolve" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* ROPE SOCIETY "One Word Definition" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* SANCTIMONIOUS "Hypocritical Sages" CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)
* SCAR CROWE "A Cold Nights Death" CS (Self Abuse Records)
* SCAR CROWE "Scar Crowe" CS (Self Abuse Records)
* SECULAR IDENTITY "Afton" CS (Bacteria Field)
* SECULAR IDENTITY ‎"M. Salerno" CS (Unseen Force)
* SENTENCED FOR LIFE "Cold On The Blue" CS (Abysmal Sounds)
* SHIFT "16 09 05/14 02 07" CS (Unrest Productions)
* SHIFT "Morose" CS (Unrest Productions)
* SHIVER "The Light Within Has Turned Into Darkness" CS (Diazepam)
* SICK MINER "Sick Miner" CS (Self Abuse Records)
* SIDS ‎"Clearance Test" CS (Bacteria Field)
* SIDS ‎"M Ladies" CS (Bacteria Field)
* SOBILLATOR SISTERS "In The Bathroom Of Souls And Sermons" CS (Forced Nostalgia)
* SOFT OPTION KILLING "Every Brutal Act A Service" CS (Unrest Productions)
* SOFT OPTION KILLING "Soft Option Killing" CS (Hospital Productions)
* SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Gorgeous Primitivism from Quartz Satellites" CS (Influencing Machine Records)
* SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Special Bill" CS (Tape Fiend)
* STERILE GARDEN "Ryta" CS (Monorail Trespassing)
* STRUMENT ‎"1957 - 1964" CS (Bacteria Field)
* SVAIXT "LO" CS (Lithuania)
* TANZ OHNE MUSIK "Between Our Body Shapes" CS (Terror)
* THE TAPES "Glasaugen" CS (Luce Sia)
* TASADAY - DIE FORM & NULLA IPERREALE ‎"Implosione Tra Le Pieghe Dell'Anima" CS (Multiple Configuration)
* TEST DEPT "Europe 87" CS (Les Nouvelles Propagandes)
* TRAINABLES, THE "If I Did It" CS (Algebra Of Need)
* UN REGARD FROID "La Féminité Moderne" CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)
* UNCODIFIED "Black Apartments" CS (Santos Productions)
* UNCODIFIED "Drug Street" CS (Nil By Mouth Recordings)
* UNEXAMINE "Roessler, K." CS (Angst)
* URNA "Cauchemar" CS (Yerevan Tapes)
* URNA "Dakhma" CS (Angst)
* VASCULAE "Anxiety Blackout" CS (Monorail Trespassing)
* VASCULAE "In Theory" CS (Monorail Trespassing)
* VASCULAE "Listening From Another Room" 2 x CS (Monorail Trespassing)
* VASCULAE "No Resolve" CS (Monorail Trespassing)
* VERTONEN "Bloodshift" CS (Banned Production)
* VERTONEN "Cresting" CS (Bloodlust!)
* VETROPHONIA "Live" CS (Ultra)
* VIDINĖ RAMYBĖ "Aukštas Aukštesnis Aukščiausias" CS (Terror)
* VIRFUL OBIRSA / ZERO ZERO ZERO "Fearful Oblation" 2 x CS (Petri Supply / Incubator)
* VIRTUAL FOREST "Unconscious Cognition is the Processing of Perception" CS (Yerevan Tapes)
* VÖLKL "untitled" C41 (Funsty Cunt)
* VOLUNTARY TORTURE "Decay Of Society" CS (Collapsar Publishing)
* WERTHAM ‎"Lombroso II" CS (Corrosive Art Records)
* WHITESWAN "Insatiable Lust" CS (WRATH)
* WILL OVER MATTER "Toisesta Maailmasta" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* WILL OVER MATTER "Visio Ja Toteutus" CS (Freak Animal Records)
* WINCE "Vasovagal Syncope" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* WINCE "Wince" CS (White Centipede Noise)
* WITCHES OF MALIBU "Witches Of Malibu" CS (Kitty Play Records)
* WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS "Amen" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS "Death Pig" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS "The Ceremony Of Life & Death" CS (Trapdoor Tapes)
* ZYKLON SS "Iron Division" CS (Der Bünker)
* ZOMBIES UNDER STRESS "Avondland" CS (Pravdada Records)
* ZOMBIES UNDER STRESS "Fanatism & Hysteria" CS (Pravdada Records)
* anonymous "Ecclesiastical Reich" CS (Fanaticism)
* anonymous "HaIOTh HaKODeSh" CS (Fanaticism)
* anonymous "Holy Holy Holy" CS (Fanaticism)
* anonymous "Musikalisches Opfer" CS (Fanaticism)
* anonymous "Placebo - Evidence Series Object 6" CS (self released/Excutive distribution by Neural Operations)
* anonymous "Religiöse Weltanschauung" CS (Fanaticism)
* anonymous ‎"Session Two - Evidence Series Object 7" CS (self released/Excutive distribution by Neural Operations)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "4th World: Afterworkpopsongsforchildsoldiers" CS (Zaetraom)
      feat. Deathpanel, Genevieve Pasquier, Salford Electronics, Linekraft, Dogpop, Pain Nail, Ill, Grunt, Fred Und Luna, David E. Williams,
              Am Not.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers" CS (Incubator)
      feat. Smersh, DMDN, Mailcop, Lieutenant Caramel, Achim Wollscheid, Arcane Device, Hands To, THU20, Post Destruction Music, KK Null,
              Dwarf Farm, Merzbow, IOSS, Winter, Kapotte Muziek, Gregory Whitehead, Emil Beaulieau, Mission Papua Holland, Yeast Culture.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Irritants" CS (Kickacid)
      feat. IRM, Sewer Election & Treriksröset, Regim, Ochu, Moljebka Pvlse.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Le Pacte" CS (Europa)
      feat. Controlled Bleeding, Tools You Can Trust, Non Toxique Lost, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Tox Movement, Vox Populi!, Ankh, Club Moral,
              Le Rituel, Elcarna, La Nomenklatur, Le Syndicat, A.I.Z.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Rotten Contingent" CS (Fieldwork)
      feat. Arbiter, :M:, Swollen Organs, Penchant, H.C.O.D, Venerence, Aischrolatreia.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Many Dogs Are Dumb...: Art Edition" CS (Tiny Dog)
      feat. Cruel When Complete, Lester Palocsay, Plopp, Pupaum + TV, DMDN, Enema & Gejonte, Synthetic Pirate, Brighter Death Now,
              4632402, D.S.I.P., Post Destruction Music, Markus Schwill, FRAK, Big City Orchestra, Hippies Back To India, Furry Couch.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "New Noise Year's Party" 3 x CS (Club Moral / Control Domination)
      feat. H64, Export, Con-Dom, Iron Brotherhood, Victor/Im, Club Moral.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Nordöstra Malmö" CS (Elbogen Fonogram)
      feat. Teufelsdröckh, Amph, Arkhe, Midhem Funeral Band, Mirrors Are Black, Backasvinet.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "We Gave Them The Future And They Wanted The Past" CS (Unrest Productions)
      feat. Am Not, Cremation Lily, Caustic Qualm, Content Nullity, Cities Prepare For Attack, Iron Fist Of The Sun, Exitus, S.T.A.B. Electronics,



* AIN SOPH "Ars Regia" LP (Trips und Träume)

* ALFARMANIA "Bottenskrapet" 12 inch picure (Autarkeia)
* ALFARMANIA "Hålögd Insikt" 10 inch picture (Autarkeia)
* ALFARMANIA & PROIEKT HAT "Furyfication" LP (Harsh Head Rituals)
* AMPH "Polar / Mongol" 12 inch (Sprachlos Verlag)
* AMPH / ARV & MILJÖ "Nolde / Bilism" LP (Järtecknet)
* ANEMONE TUBE / DISSECTING TABLE "This Dismal World" LP (Peripheral Records)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Funkspiele" LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Kaltwelt" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Task Force Terrorist" LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
APOKRIFNA REALNOST "На Рєкахъ Вавл҃нскыхъ (Na Riekah Vavilonskih)" LP (AnnapurnA)
* ARROWWOOD "Beautiful Grave" LP (Merlins Nose Records)
* ARV & MILJÖ "Kropp" LP (Posh Isolation)
* ATRAX MORGUE "Closed Exit" LP (Urashima)
* ATRAX MORGUE "Collection In Formaldeide" LP (Urashima)
* ATRAX MORGUE "Homicidal Texture" LP single-sided (Urashima)
* ATRAX MORGUE "I Vizi Morbosi Di Una Giovane Infermiera" LP (Urashima)
* ATRAX MORGUE "Mechanic Asphyxia" LP single-sided (Urashima)
* BA.KU. / BT.HN. "Ritual Totemic Stone" LP (Urashima)
* BARRIKAD / DEATH SQUAD & HYDRA "Entropic Society / Neurology 2" 10 inch (Segerhuva)
* BIZARRE UPROAR "Likainen Ehtoollinen" LP (Urashima)
* BIZARRE UPROAR "Rape Africa" LP (Urashima)
* BIZARRE UPROAR ‎"Amputaatio" LP (Urashima)
* BLOOD AXIS "Born Again" 2 x LP (Storm)
* BLOOD AXIS "The Gospel Of Inhumanity" 2 x LP (Storm)
* BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls" LP (Bloodlust!)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Necrose Evangelicum" LP picture (Cold Meat Industry)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "With Promises Of Death" LP (Familjegraven)
* BROWNING MUMMERY "Obiter Scripta" LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
* BT.HN. "Vitiated" LP (Dogma Chase)
* CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI "I" LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
* CICCIOLINA HOLOCAUST "Vaseline Race" 12 inch single-sided (Forced Nostalgia)
* CLEW OF THESEUS "The Death Urge" LP (Verlautbarung)
* CLOAMA "Municipality Of Marionettes" LP (Freak Animal Records)
* CLUB MORAL "Instruments Of Attraction (II. Sociale Hygiene)" 10 inch (No Basement Is Deep Enough)
* CLUB MORAL "Lonely Weekends" 7 inch (Dead Mind Records)
* COÀGUL "Tot Encaixa!" LP (The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret)
* COIL "Backwards" 2 x LP (Cold Spring)
* CON-DOM "Live Assault 1 / Live Assault 4" LP (Industrial Recollections)
* CON-DOM ‎"How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die" 2 x LP BOX (Tesco Organisation)
* CONTRASTATE "Régiment De Rapaces" LP (Segerhuva)
* CONTROL "Out For Blood" LP (Parasitic Records)
* DA-SEIN "Tautology" 7 inch (Galakthorrö)
* DAVID TOOP "Lost Shadows: In Defence Of The Soul - Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978" LP (Sub Rosa)
* DEATH MAGAZINE 52 "Death Magazine 52" 2 x LP (Harbinger Sound)
* DEATH SQUAD "Isolation As Intent" LP (Audio Dissection)
* DEATH SQUAD "Theological Genocide" 2xLP (Hospital Productions)
* DERNIÈRE VOLONTÉ "Obéir Et Mourir" 2 x LP (Hau Ruck!)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "Rapist Park Junktion" 2 x 7" (Autarkeia)
* DEVIATION SOCIAL "Compilation Tracks 1982-85 "From End To Beginning" Vol. 1" LP (Dais Records)
* DEVIATION SOCIAL "Tempus / Deathwatch: From End To Beginning Vol. 2" LP (Dais Records)
* DIETER MÜH "Aakal" 7 inch (Harbinger Sound)
* DIETER MÜH "Heterodoxie" LP (Verlautbarung)
* DIETER MÜH "Tertium Organum" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* DIUTESC "What Have You Done?" 7 inch (Xn Recordings)
* DOGPOP "Bleierne Zeiten" LP (Zaetraom)
* DOGPOP "Popgod" LP (Zaetraom / UMB)
* DRAPE EXCREMENT / SÖLDNERGEIST "Black Rider" LP (Steinklang Industries)
* DREKKA "Ekki Gera Fikniefnum" LP (Dais Records)
* DREKKA "Unbeknownst To The Participants At Hand" LP (Dais Records)
* DREW MCDOWALL "Collapse" LP (Dais Records)
* EBOLA DISCO / ROPE SOCIETY "Flies For Friends" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* EINLEITUNGSZEIT "Einleitungszeit" 7 inch (Klanggalerie)
* ENHÄNTA BÖDLAR "Tot Ist Tot" 7 inch (UFO Mongo)
* ENVENOMIST "Chariots" LP (Segerhuva)
* ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO "Comisario De La Luz / Blanco De Fuerza" LP (Geometrik)
* ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO "Kosmos Kino" LP (Geometrik)
* ETAT BRUT‎ "Mutations Et Prothèses" LP (Sub Rosa)
* FACTRIX "Scheintot" LP (Superior Viaduct)
* FACTRIX / CAZAZZA "California Babylon" LP (Superior Viaduct)
* FORESTA DI FERRO "Combat Folk" 7 inch (Hau Ruck!)
* GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" 10 inch (Pollution Sonore)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "Live In Japan 2007" LP (Tesco Organisation / Teito Sound Company)
* GERECHTIGKEITS LIGA "Dystopia" LP (Zyklus Records)
* GILLES DE RAIS ORDER / MANIA "split" 7 inch (Trash Ritual)
* GRAUSTICH "Werwolf Integrity" 7 inch (Filth And Violence / Untergeschoss)
* GREY WOLVES / WERTHAM / SURVIVAL INSTINCT "Ramraiding thee Abyss" LP (Old Europa Cafe ‎/ Elettronica Radicale Edizioni)
* THE GREY WOLVES / GENOCIDE ORGAN "Absolute Truth" 12 inch (Tesco Organisation)
* GRIM "Amaterasu" 7 inch (G.A.Propaganda)
* GRIM "Orgasm" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* GRUNT "Myth Of Blood" LP (Freak ANimal Records)
* GRUNT "World Draped In A Camouflage" LP (Freak ANimal Records)
* GX JUPITTER-LARSEN "Big Time Crash bang 2008" LP (RRRecords)
* HAEMORRHAGING FETUS "Procreation: A Disease / Tangled Desires" LP (Gaping Hole)
* * HERMANN KOPP ‎"Cantos Y Llantos" 7 inch (Galakthorrö)
* HAUS ARAFNA "Children Of God" LP (Galakthorrö)
* HUM OF THE DRUID "Norse Fumigation" LP (SNSE)
* HUM OF THE DRUID "Raising The New Wing / Braided Industry" LP (SNSE)
* HYPNOSIS "Moon Of Death And Other Recent Works" LP (Urashima)
* INCAPACITANTS "Tight" LP (Dogma Chase)
* IRGUN Z'WAI LEUMI "Klirrfaktor" LP (verlautbarung)
* IRM "Indications Of Nigredo" 12 inch (Segerhuva)
* ISOMER "Three Kestrels" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* IRON FIST OF THE SUN "Tears Royal" LP (Unrest Productions)
* JANITOR "Richie" LP (Entartete Musikk)
* JASON CRUMER "Ottoman Black" LP (Urashima)
* JfK "La Bas: 1987 - 1992" 2 x LP (Fourth Dimension Records / Drippingdust)
* JfK "Teenage Fantasy 1987-88" 2 x LP (Harbinger Sound / Hospital Productions)
* JfK / THE GREY WOLVES "Assassin" LP (Peripheral Records)
* JIM HAYNES "The Decline Effect" 2 x LP (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
* JOHN DUNCAN "Bitter Earth" LP (iDEAL Recordings)
* JOHN DUNCAN / MICHAEL ESPOSITO / Z'EV "There Must Be A Way Across This River / The Abject (Special Edition)" LP (Fragment Factory)
* JOHN WATERMANN "Calcutta Gas Chamber" LP picture (Die Stadt)
* Ke/Hil "Hellstation" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* Ke/Hil "Syndrome/Antidrome" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* Ke/Hil "Zone 0" LP (Tesco Organisation)
* KLEISTWAHR "Arsonicide" LP (Harbinger Sound)
* KNOTWORK "3 x 3" 7 inch (Storm)
* KNÆKKEDE STEMMER "Første Portræt (Et Hult Menneske)" LP (Järtecknet)
* KOMMANDO "Kranial Klash" LP (Ant-Zen)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Artist Engineers" 7 inch (Jara Discs)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Destiny Drive" LP (Bleak)
* KONSTRUKTIVITS "A Dissembly" LP + 7 inch flexi (Dark Entries)
* KRANIVM "Insanatorivm / The Brighter Edge Of Death / I-The Blood" 3 x LP (Urashima)
* LAST DOMINION LOST "Snowdrops From A Curate's Garden" LP (The Epicurean)
* LAST DOMINION LOST "Towers Of Silence" LP (The Epicurean)
* LIEBESTOD "Beta Male" LP (Chondritic Sound)
* LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET "Hyperborean" 10 inch (Der Angriff / Indiestate Distribution)
* LUSTMORD "The Monstrous Soul" 2 x LP (Burning World Records)
* LUSTMORD "The Word As Power" 2xLP (Blackest Ever Black)
* LYOTO MUSIC "Lyoto Music" LP (Urashima)
* M.B. "Carcinosi" LP (menstrualrecordings)
* M.B. "Menses" LP (menstrualrecordings)
* M.B. "Neuro Habitat" LP (Urashima)
* M.B. "Regel" LP (Urashima)
* MACRO "Live in Portland Oregon 2012" 12 inch (Antropofago Ateo)
* MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA "Bloodyminded" LP (Urashima)
* MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA "Mafarka" LP (Urashima)
* MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA "Necrofellatio" LP (Urashima)
* MAX GULD ‎"For Enden Af Corridoren" LP (Dark Entries)
* MICHAEL NINE "Empathy / Apathy" 7 inch (Neural Operations / Maruta Records)
* MIGUEL A. RUIZ "Grosor" CD (Monochrome Vision)
* MNEM "Engrama" LP (Segerhuva)
* MNEM "Golyma" LP (Segerhuva)
* MURDER CORPORATION "Disturbance" 2 x LP (Urashima)
* THE MUSICKWRECKERS "Mission Mass Media" LP picture (La Nouvelle Alliance)
* MUSLIMGAUZE "Nadir Of Purdah" 12 inch (Jara Discs)
* MUSLIMGAUZE "Nile Quartra" 7 inch (Jara Discs)
* MUSLIMGAUZE "Satyajit Eye" LP (The Muslimgauze Preservation Society)
* NEUNTÖTER DER PLAGE "Betwixt Descending Corridors" LP (Self Abuse Records)
* THE NEW BLOCKADERS "Seinsart : Live At Morden Tower" LP (menstrualrecordings)
* THE NEW SADISM "Urge To Kill" LP (menstrualrecordings)
* NOCTURNE "Kommando Holocaust" 10 inch (Old Europa Cefe)
* NON "s/t" 7inch (Triskele Recordings)
* NYODENE D "Mouths that Reap the Harvest" LP (Urashima)
* OBSERVATION CLINIQUE "Mental Answer 1" LP (menstrualrecordings)
* OCHU "Tvärsnitt" LP (Verlautbarung)
* ORGANISATION TOTH "Presents Fidelis Legio!" 12 inch (Steinklang Industries)
* OSCILLATING INNARDS "Grey Variables" LP (Dogma Chase)
* PACIFIC 231 "Ethnicities" LP (Rotorelief)
* PAIN NAIL "...End Times" LP (Freak Animal Records)
* PAIN NAIL "Hengellisiä Lauluja" 7 inch (Freak Animal Records)
* PAIN NAIL "Hengellisiä Lauluja No.2" 7 inch (Audial Decimation Records)
* PAIN NAIL "Magneettinen Kohtalo" LP (Freak Animal Records)
* PARAZITE "Le Bunker De La Dernière Rafale" LP (Rotorelief)
* PESTDEMON "Helvetesljuset" LP (Unrest Productions)
* PIMP-AKTION SLUTGUN "Body Scrap" LP (Trash Ritual)
* POST SCRIPTVM "Gauze" LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
* POST SCRIPTVM "Seance" LP (The Epicurean)
* PROIEKT HAT / BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Feel - Bad" 7 inch (Xn Recordings)
* PROPERGOL "Tormentor" 7 inch (Nuit Et Brouillard)
* PRURIENT ‎"Unmasking The Insect" CS (Zaetraom)
* PUTREFIER "Pray For Fire" 7 inch (Birthbiter)
* RAMLEH "Conquest Play / Clockwork" 12 inch (Entropy)
* RAMLEH "Grudge For Life" LP (Vis A Vis Audio Arts)
* RASTHOF DACHAU "Blut Und Boden" LP (Steinklang Industries)
* RASTHOF DACHAU "Zero Tolerance" LP single-sided (Steinklang Industries)
* RASTHOF DACHAU ‎"Prison Poems" LP (Steinklang Industries)
* REDROT "Deviant" 7 inch (Bloodlust!)
* REGIM "Stabbed By The Blind" LP (Segerhuva)
* REPUBLIC "Freedom Through Ability" 7 inch (Storm)
* S.P.I.T.E. "Violence" LP (Harbinger Sound)
* S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS "Instrument For Operating On Mutant Women" LP (Urashima)
* SATORI "Kanashibari" LP (Dogma Chase)
* SECOND LAYER "World Of Rubber" 2 x LP (Dark Entries)
* SELF "The Mind And The Matter" LP (Self Abuse Records)
* SEWER ELECTION "Nära" LP (Järtecknet)
* SHARON'S LAST PARTY "Blue Light And Blue Eyes" 7 inch (Segerhuva)
* SICKNESS "Ruiner" LP (Freak ANimal Records)
* SK1005 "Mannheim/Gothenburg 1992" LP (Tesco Archaic Documents)
* SKIN AREA "Muzak EP" 10 inch (Rev/Vega Records)
* SKIN CRIME "The House On The Cliff" LP (Self Abuse Records)
* SLEEP CHAMBER "Sonorous Invokations Ov Brian Jones" 10 inch (Manhood Records)
* SLOGUN "A Breed Apart" LP (Urashima)
* SLOGUN "I Will Bury You" LP (Peripheral Records)
* SMELL & QUIM "Piss With Drills Of Blood" 7 inch (Self Abuse Records)
* SÖLDNERGEIST "You Want Him / Hyper Climax" 7 inch (Self Abuse Records)
* SONIC AMPLITUDE "Accelerating Concrete" 7 inch (Membrum Debile Propaganda)
* SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Krionika Soshiki" LP (Urashima)
* SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Remote Aktion" LP (Diophantine Discs)
* SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Souls And Waltzes From The Telegraph Frontier" LP (Urashima)
* STALNOY PAKT "Anno Mundi Ardentis / Legion Chesty" 10 inch (Der Angriff)
* STALNOY PAKT "Decima Mas / Il Principe Nero" 10 inch (Der Angriff / Indiestate Distribution)
* STEFAN JAWORZYN "Drained Of Connotatio" LP (Blackest Ever Black)
* STORM BUGS "A Safe Substitute" LP (Harbinger Sound)
* STRICT "Kiss" 12 inch (Trash Ritual)
* SUBLIMINAL "Coping" LP (Galakthorrö)
* SUBLIMINAL "Under Pressure" 7 inch (Galakthorrö)
* SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND "Pursuit of Pleasure" LP (4iB Records)
* SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND "Transgression" LP (Dogma Chase)
* TAINT "Justmeat" LP (Urashima)
* TAINT‎ "Strange Feeling, Shit Coming" LP (Urashima)
* TANZ OHNE MUSIK "Infinity" LP (Galakthorrö)
* Te/DIS ‎"Interrogation Gloom" LP (Galakthorrö)
* TEATRO SATANICO / NOVÝ SVĚT "Confesso Tutto!" 7 inch picture (Punch Records)
* TECHNICOLOR SKULL "Technicolor Skull" LP single-sided (The Ajna Offensive)
* TINY MEN, THE "Ulixes" 7 inch (Klanggalerie)
* TOUKASEIBUNSHI [透過性分子] "Stratosphere Sound" LP (Art Into Life)
* TREPANERINGSRITUALEN "Perfection & Permanence" LP (Cold Spring)
* TREPANERINGSRITUALEN "Ritualer, Blot Och Botgöring" LP (Verlautbarung / Strömkarlen)
* ULTRA "Roman Holiday (Special Edition)" 2 x LP + 7 inch (Doma America)
* ULTRA FUCK "Sex At The Maly Trostenets" LP (Järtecknet)
* VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN ‎"Live In Berlin" LP picture (Harbinger Sound)
* VIDNA OBMANA ‎"The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death" LP (Urashima)
* VIVENZA "Modes Réels Collectifs" LP (Rotorelief)
* VIVENZA "Réalité De L'Automation Directe" LP (Rotorelief)
* VIVENZA "Réalités Servomécaniques" LP (Rotorelief)
* VIVENZA "Veriti Plastici" LP (Rotorelief)
* VOXUS IMP. "Runen" LP (Mjölnir Tonkunst)
* WHITEHOUSE "Bird Seed" 2 x LP (Susan Lawly / Very Friendly)
* WILLIAM BURROUGHS "Call Me Burroughs" LP (Superior Viaduct)
* WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS "Break Through In Grey Room" LP (Sub Rosa)
* WUTANES HEER "Wutanes Heer" 7 inch (Membrum Debile Propaganda)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Exposition" LP (Reue Um Reue)
      feat. Los Hermanos Zahrada, Lacerba, M. Elange, Es.Er, Nový Svět, Indra 1.996, J.W., L.L.H.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Höga Nord" LP (Segerhuva)
      feat. Bocksholm, Dusa, Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar, Vårtgård.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Le Couperet: Music For The Crimes Of Dr. Petiot" LP (Harbinger Sound)
      feat. Sir Ashleigh Grove, Vortex Campaign, Vortex Campaign, Ramleh, The New Blockaders, Citipati, Depilate Corps.

C D s

* 1000SCHOEN ‎"Paintings At The Nightsky" 2 x CD (Nitkie)

* ABJECTION RITUAL "Futility Rites" CD (Malignant Records)
* AIN SOPH "I" CD (Old Europa Cafe/Misty Circles)
* AIN SOPH "III" CD (Old Europa Cafe/Misty Circles)
* AIN SOPH "Kshatriya" CD (Hau Ruck! SPQR)
* ALCHEMY OF THE 21ST CENTURY "Beauty of Aesthetic Imperfection" CD (Freak Animal Records)
* ALFARMANIA "Skräcken" CD (Autarkeia)
* ANALFABETISM "Av Hjord Är Du Kommen" CD (Malignant Records)
* ANEMONE TUBE "Golden Temple" CD (Raubbau)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Anenzephalia: Live In Boras" CD (Death Factory)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Ephemeral Dawn" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Instrumentalities (Singles Collection 1991-2008)" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* ANENZEPHALIA "Kaltwelt" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* ANGUS MACLISE "The Cloud Doctrine" 2 x CD (Sub Rosa)
* ARROWWOOD "Beautiful Grave" CD (Merlins Nose Records)
* ATRABILIS SUNRISE "Pillgrimage" CD (Raubbau)
* AUTOPSIA "Metal" CD (Old Captain)
* AUTOPSIA "Palladium [2013 re-edition]" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
* AX "Metal Forest" CD (Cold Spring)
* BARDOSENETICCUBE "Ambiwax" CD (ML/Senile Dementia Production)
* BIZARRE UPROAR "Unsafe And Insane" CD (Filth And Violence / Industrial Recollections)
* BLOD ‎"My Beloved Daughters" CD (Segerhuva)
* BLOOD AXIS "Born Again" CD (Storm)
* BLOOD AXIS "The Gospel Of Inhumanity" CD (Storm)
* BLOODYMINDED "Magnetism" CD (Bloodlust!)
* BO CAVEFORS & KRISTIAN OLSSON "Dödens Ö / Die Toteninsel" CD (Autarkeia)
* BOCKSHOLM "Caged inside the Beast of the Forge" CD (Wrotycz Records)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Innerwar" CD (Cold Meat Industry)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Kamikaze Kabaret" CD (Cold Meat Industry)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Payback" CD (no label)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Very Little Fun" 3xCD (Cold Meat Industry)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "Where Dreams Come True" CD (Cold Meat Industry / Jinx)
* BRIGHTER DEATH NOW "With Promises Of Death" CD (Familjegraven)
* BRUNO COSSANO "Saffo's Pleasures" CD (Ars Benevola Mater)
* C.O. CASPAR "Reports From This Lunatic Asylum" CD (Hau Ruck!)
* C.W. VRTACEK "Days Of Grace" CD (Dom America)
* CLAUSTHOME "Radiophare [ Lampe D'Ambiance ]" CD (Indiestate Distribution)
* CLAUSTHOME "Radiophare [ Les Ondes Radio ]" CD (Indiestate Distribution)
* CLEW OF THESEUS "Meridian" CD (Cathartic Process)
* CLIMAX DENIAL "Dehumanizing Environments" CD (Malignant Records)
* CLOAMA "Neuroscan Organization / Blood Illumination" CD (Freak Animal Records)
* CLUB MORAL "Living(stone)" CD (Club Moral)
* CLUB MORAL "Mit Neuen Waffen" CD (Trash Ritual)
* CON-DOM "Have Complete Faith" CD (Unrest Productions)
* CON-DOM "Live Assault 1 / Live Assault 4" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* CON-DOM "Live In Japan 2003" CD (Teito Sound Company)
* CON-DOM "Shards Of Ordnance" 2 x CD (Industrial Recollections)
* CON-DOM "Subjection" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* CON-DOM "The Eighth Pillar - A Confession Of Faith" CD (Functional Organisation)
* CON-DOM ‎"How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* CON-DOM / MILITIA "Scorched Earth Policy" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
* CON-DOM / THE GREY WOLVES ‎"Waging War Against You" CD (Unrest Productions)
* CONTRASTATE "A Breeding Ground For Flies" CD (Dirter Promotions)
* CONTRASTATE "A Live Coal Under The Ashes" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* CONTROL "Deadly Sins" CD (Malignant Records)
* CULTURAL AMNESIA "Enormous Savages Enlarged" CD (Klanggalerie / Iron Banana)
* DA-SEIN ‎"Death Is The Most Certain Possibility" CD (Galakthorrö)
* DEATH PACT INTERNATIONAL "Siege (1999-2009)" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
* DEATH SQUAD "Death Boxed" CD (Autarkeia)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "Alcohology" CD (Entartete Musikk)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "Amygdala" CD (Autarkeia)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection" CD (Cold Meat Industry)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "Tolerance" CD (Autarkeia)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL "¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending" CD (Cold Meat Industry)
* DEUTSCH NEPAL ‎"Dystopian Partycollection II" CD (Entartete Musikk)
* DeV "Dämonische" CD enhanced (Sottomondo Edizioni)
* DIETER MÜH "Black Square" CD (Carnifex)
* EINLEITUNGSZEIT "Auranoise" CD (Ars Morta Universum)
* EINLEITUNGSZEIT "Die Infektion Der Geburt" CD (Hirnlärm Laboratorium)
* EINLEITUNGSZEIT "Human Scrap: An Atomic Prayer" CD enhanced (Ars Morta Universum)
* ENTRE VIFS "Heavy Duty" CD (Influencing Machine Records)
* ENTRE VIFS "No Signal" CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu)
* ERIC LUNDE "A World Of Hurt In The Kingdom Of God" CD (Heart & Crossbone)
* ERIC LUNDE "Candyhole" CD (Freak Animal Records)
* ERIC LUNDE "Colorado Terrain Investigation" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* ERIC LUNDE "XCHDX / TapeDeathCut" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* ETHNIC ACID "Power-Works 1986-88" 2 x CD (Industrial Recollections)
* FACTRIX "Scheintot" CD (Superior Viaduct)
* FâLX çèrêbRi ‎"Trials Textures Errors" CD (Monochrome Vision)
* FROZEN FACES "Broken Sounds of a Dying Culture" CD (Wrotycz Records)
* GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ "Montauk Project" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "In-Konflikt" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "Leichenlinie 1989 / 2009" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "Obituary of the Americas" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "Remember" 2 x CD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "Under - Kontrakt" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "虐殺機関" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* THE GEROGERIGEGEGE "Moenai Hai" CD (Eskimo Records)
* GIANCARLO TONIUTTI "La Mutazione" CD (Klanggalerie)
* GNAWED "Feign And Cloak" CD (Malignant Records)
* GOLDENROD (STREICHER + MACRONYMPHA) "Fuck You All" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* GOLDENROD (STREICHER + ODAL) "Brigade Nord" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* GOLDENROD (STREICHER + SMELL & QUIM) "Korova Scumhaters" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* GRAIN BELT "Grain Belt" CD (White Centipede Noise / Small Doses / Phage Tapes)
* GRIM "Maha" 2 x CD (Steinklang Industries)
* GRIM "Psycho Sun" CD (Steinklang Industries)
* GRIM "The Past Is Still In Current Use" CD (Drag & Drup Records)
* GRUNT "Myth Of Blood" CD (Freak ANimal Records)
* GRUNT "Petturien Rooli" CD (Freak ANimal Records)
* GRUNT "World Draped In A Camouflage" CD (Freak ANimal Records)
* HASEGAWA-SHIZUO [長谷川静男] "I Know A Chord Buried Into The Ground And A Tongue On A Cloud [土の中に埋まる和音と雲の上の舌を知る]" CD (Haang Niap Records)
* THE HATERS "Ordinarily Nowhere" CD (RRRecords)
* HAUS ARAFNA "Blut - Trilogie Des Blutes | Nachblutung" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HAUS ARAFNA "Butterfly" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HAUS ARAFNA "Children Of God" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HAUS ARAFNA "New York Rhapsody" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HAUS ARAFNA "The Singles 1993-2000" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HAUS ARAFNA "You" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HEINZ HOPF "Gothenburg" CD (Triangle Records)
* HELDENTOD "The Ghost Machine" CD (Cold Spring)
* HERMANN KOPP "Under A Demon's Mask" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HERMANN KOPP "Zyanidanger" CD (Galakthorrö)
* HERZ JÜHNING "Miasma" CD (Galakthorrö)
* INADE "Aldebaran" CD (Cold Spring)
* INTRINSIC ACTION "Sado-Electronics" CD (Bloodlust!)
* INTRINSIC ACTION / IUGULA-THOR "Ensemble Sacres Garcons" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
* IRM "Closure" CD (Malignant Records)
* IRM "The Cult Of The Young Men" CD (Annihilvs)
* IRON FIST OF THE SUN "Behavioural Decline" CD (Cold Spring)
* ISOMER "Face Toward The Sun" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* ISOMER "Nil By Mouth" CD (Cipher Productions)
* IUGULA-THOR "Opera" CD (Elettronica Radicale Edizioni / Old Europa Cafe / Lake Shark Harsh Noise)
* JfK "La Bas 1987 – 1992" CD (Fourth Dimension Records / Tiger On Box Records)
* JOHN WATERMANN "Calcutta Gas Chamber" CD (Cold Spring)
* JUN KONAGAYA "Organ" CD (Eskimo Records)
* KARL RUNAU "Beyond Frequencies" CD (Galakthorrö)
* Ke/Hil ‎"Hellstation" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* KIYOSHI MIZUTANI "Transcend Sideways" CD (Artware Production)
* KLEISTWAHR "Over Your Heads Forever" CD (Fourth Dimension Records)
* KLEISTWAHR "The Return" CD (Fourth Dimension Records)
* KLEISTWAHR "This World Is Not My Home" CD (Fourth Dimension Records)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "A Dissembly" CD (Klanggalerie)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Anarchic Arcadia" CD (E-Klageto)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Black December" CD (Klanggalerie)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Persona Non Grata" CD (Klanggalerie)
* KONSTRUKTIVISTS "Psykho Genetika" CD (Jara Discs)
* KORPSES KATATONIK ‎"Oeuvres Complètes" CD (Klanggalerie)
* LAST DOMINION LOST "The Tyranny Of Distance" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* LE SYNDICAT "Corrumpate" CD (RRRecords)
* LE SYNDICAT "Timespace Losses 1982 / 1987" CD (Monochrome Vision)
* LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM "Snovidenie" CD (BioSonar^Labirint)
* LUSTMORD "Heresy" CD (Ant-Zen)
* LUSTMORD "Paradise Disowned" CD (Side Effects)
* LUSTMORD "Purifying Fire" CD (Ant-Zen)
* LUSTMORD "Rising" CD (Ant-Zen)
* LUSTMORD "The Monstrous Soul" CD (Ant-Zen)
* M.B. "Mectpyo / Blut" 2 x CD (menstrualrecordings)
* MARTIN BLADH "Dirge; The Peter Sotos Files" CD (Freak ANimal Records)
* MARTIN BLADH "Umbilical Cords" CD (Segerhuva)
* MARTIN BLADH & BO I. CAVEFORS "The Island Of Death" CD (Freak ANimal Records)
* MASKA GENETIK "Strada" CD (Galakthorrö)
* MEKANORGANIK "Extracting Sunlight from Cucumbers" CD (Neuropa Records)
* MFH "1979-85" CD (Forced Nostalgia)
* MICHAEL IDEHALL "No Man's Land" CD (Ant-Zen)
* MILITIA "Eco-Anarchic Manifesto" CD (Malignant Records / Tactical Recordings)
* MILITIA "Everything Is One" CD (Tactical Recordings)
* MIND & FLESH "Martyr Generation" CD (Force Majeure)
* MK9 / MICHAEL NINE "Discography And Video 2001 - 2006" 2xCD (Neural Operations)
* MONTE CAZAZZA "Power vs. Wisdom (Live)" CD (Side Effects)
* MOTHER SAVAGE "Kryptopyrrole" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* MXM "Flesh Biting Paedophile" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* NECROPHONIE "Necrophonie" CD (Sottomondo Edizion)
* THE NEW BLOCKADERS "Nonchalant Acts Of Artistic Nihilism" CD (Klanggalerie)
* NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, THE "Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss" CD (Klanggalerie)
* NON "Easy Listening for Iron Youth / Best of Non" CD (Mute)
* NON "God & Beast" CD (Mute)
* NON TOXIQUE LOST "Chrrroooooom !" CD (Klanggalerie)
* NOVATRON "New Rising Sun" CD (Cold Spring)
* NOVEMBER NÖVELET "From Heaven On Earth" CD (Galakthorrö)
* NOVEMBER NÖVELET "Magic" CD (Galakthorrö)
* NOVEMBER NÖVELET "Unintended By Nature" CD (Galakthorrö)
* NOVEMBER NÖVELET ‎"The World In Devotion" CD (Galakthorrö)
* NURSE WITH WOUND "Lumb’s Sister" CD (United Jnana)
* NURSE WITH WOUND "Salt Marie Celeste" CD (United Durtro / Jnana Records)
* O'NANCY IN FRENCH "O'Nancy In French" CD (Impulsy Stetoskopu / Neurec)
* OBJEKT/URIAN "+Tonfragmente II+" CD (Zone De Confusion)
* OKTAY ENSEMBLE, THE "That We Shoulild Build - Spiritual Poems" CD (Sketis Music)
* ONE DARK EYE "Manic Depression" CD (Ljud & Bild Produktion)
* PACIFIC 231 "1983-86 Compendium" 2 x CD (Funtional Organisation)
* PACIFIC 231 & VOX POPULI! "Cthulhu Revisitation" CD (Monochrome Vision)
* PAIN NAIL "Magneettinen Kohtalo" CD (Freak ANimal Records)
* PAUL BOWLES "Reads A Hundred Camels In The Courtyard" ‎2 x CD (Cadmus Editions / Dom America)
* PAUL BOWLES "The Pool K III" CD (Cadmus Editions / Dom America)
* PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT "East Fork / North Fork" CD (Monorail Trespassing)
* PHURPA "Mantras Of Bön" CD (Zoharum)
* PHURPA "Nag bDud Ceremony" CD (Aquarellist)
* PHURPA "Trowo Phurnag Ceremony - Live" CD (Mantra Spenta)
* PHURPA "Trowo Phurnag Ceremony - Studio" CD (Sketis Music)
* POST SCRIPTVM "Benommenheit" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* POST SCRIPTVM "Grey Eminence" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* POST SCRIPTVM "Распадъ (Raspad)" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* PREDOMINANCE "Hindenburg" CD (Loki Foundation)
* PREDOMINANCE "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence" CD (Loki Foundation)
* PROPERGOL "Paradise Land" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* PROPERGOL "Renegade" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* PSYCHIC TV "Live At Thee Ritz" 2 x CD (Cold Spring)
* PSYCHIC TV "Ov Power" CD (Cold Spring)
* raison d'être "Mise En Abyme" CD (Transgredient Records)
* RAMLEH "Circular Time" 2 x CD (Crucial Blast)
* REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM "Sovmehkastraciya" CD (Provoloka)
* THE RITA ‎"Raymonda (Stage Arrangement Of Women)" CD (Elettronica Radicale Edizioni / Old Europa Cafe)
* S.P.K. "Case Study London" 2 x CD (Therapeutic / Adverse Recording)
* S.P.K. "Field Report San Francisco" 2 x CD (Therapeutic / Adverse Recording)
* SATORI "The Hanging" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* SCHLOSS TEGAL "Neoterrik Research" CD (Cold Spring)
* SEAN DOWER / JOHN SMITH / JOHN MYLOTTE "The Curfew Recordings" CD (Harbinger Sound)
* SHIFT "Altamont Rising" CD (Cold Spring)
* SINGULAR CLEANSWEEP OPERATIONS "Final Service" CD (Teito Sound Company)
* SKULLFLOWER "Draconis" 2 x CD (Cold Spring)
* SKULLFLOWER "Birthdeath" CD (Shock / Dirter Promotions)
* SKULLFLOWER "Form Destroyer" CD (Shock / Dirter Promotions)
* SLEEP CHAMBER "Satanic Sanction" CD (Klanggalerie)
* SMELL & QUIM "A Sod's As Good As A Wank To A Blind Arse" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* SMELL & QUIM "The Christmas Album" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Ketsueki No Eiga" CD (Self ABuse Records)
* STEFAN JAWORZYN "Eaten Away By Shadows" CD (Shock)
* STRATVM TERROR "Genetic Implosion" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
* STREICHER "War Without End" CD (Cold Spring)
* SUBLIMINAL "Coping" CD (Galakthorrö)
* SUBLIMINAL "Gracebudd" CD (Galakthorrö)
* SUDDEN INFANT / GREY WOLVES / MACRONYMPHA "Interzone 3" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES "Survival Research Laboratories" CD (Sub Rosa)
* SUTCLIFFE JUGEND "Blue Rabbit" CD (Crucial Blast)
* SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND "Live Assault 01" CD (RRRecords)
* SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND "Pigdaddy" CD (Cold Spring)
* SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND "With Extreme Prejudice" CD (Cold Spring)
* S·CORE "Crime" CD (Daft Records)
* TANZ OHNE MUSIK "Between Our Body Shapes" CD (Sleepless Records Berlin)
* TANZ OHNE MUSIK "Infinity" CD (Galakthorrö)
* Te/DIS ‎"Comatic Drift" CD (Galakthorrö)
* Te/DIS ‎"Interrogation Gloom" CD (Galakthorrö)
* THO-SO-AA "Enrielle" CD (Art Konkret)
* THO-SO-AA "Identify" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* THO-SO-AA "Sleeping Explorer" 2 x CD (Tesco Organisation)
* THOROFON "Maximum Punishment Solutions" CD (Klanggalerie)
* THOROFON "New Heroes Essentials" CD (Klanggalerie)
* THOROFON "Roots" CD (Ant-Zen)
* TOLL "Christ Knows" CD (Cold Spring)
* TOTAL "Exploded Star Sad Servant" CD (Self Abuse Records)
* TOTAL "Glassy Warhead" CD (RRRecords)
* TOTAL "Hard + Low" CD (Turgid Animal)
* TOUKASEIBUNSHI [透過性分子] "Meta-Inorganicmatter Meta-Newlon" CD (P.S.F. Records)
* TRAIT "Inspirationals" CD (Industrial Recollections)
* TREPANERINGSRITUALEN "Veil The World" CD (Cold Spring)
* TURBUND STURMWERK "Sturmgeweiht" CD (Rabauken)
* TURBUND STURMWERK "Weltbrand" CD (Loki Foundation)
* ULTRA "Stain" CD (Doma America)
* VASILISK "Whirling Dervishes" CD (Steinklang Industries)
* VETROPHONIA "Strappadology: Vetro Design Edition" CD (Ultra)
* VIVENZA "Modes Réels Collectifs" CD (Rotorelief)
* VIVENZA "Veriti Plastici" CD (Rotorelief)
* VOMIT ARSONIST, THE "An Occasion For Death" CD (Malignant Records)
* WERTHAM "Memories From The Pigsty" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* WERTHAM "Tell Me The Truth" CD (Tesco Organisation)
* WHITE HOSPITAL "Holocaust" CD (Steinklang Industries)
* WILL OVER MATTER "Massiivisen Koston Doktriini" CD (Bestial Burst)
* WILL OVER MATTER "Might Of The Planet Eater" 2 x CD (Bestial Burst)
* WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS "Häxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages" CD (Sotpackan)
* WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS "The Instrument Of Control" CD (Archivio Letterario)
* WINCE "Traum" CD (Freak Animal Records)
* WOLF VOSTELL "Dé-Coll/Age Musik" CD (Tochnit Aleph)
* XX COMMITTEE "Steel Negro Music" CD (Trash Ritual)
* YEN POX "Blood Music" 2 x CD (Malignant Records)
* YUZURU SYOGASE / KAISER NIETZSCHE "untitled" CD (Artware Production)
* ZAHGURIM "Moral Rearmament - Special Edition" CD (Klanggalerie)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "23 Drifts To Guestling" CD (Iham Products / FOPI)
      feat. Genesis P-Orridge, Joan Armstrong, Throbbing Gristle, Monte Cazazza, Peter Christopherson, Gary Gilmore, Adi Newton, Martin Denny, COUM Transmissions, Millions Like Us, Charles Manson, Alex Fergusson, Lynette Fromme.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Found Secret" CD (777 Was 666)
      feat. Rick Potts, Spoils & Relics, Yeast Culture, Dylan Nyoukis, Smegma, Aaron Dilloway, Hair Stylistics, T. Mikawa, The New Blockaders, Yellowhouse, The Custodians Of The Realm, Altar Of Flies, Karen Constance, John Wiese, Marc Hurtado.
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Kosmoloko" CD (Galakthorrö)
      feat. Haus Arafna, Subliminal, Karl Runau, Maska Genetik, November Növelet
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Nihilist Assaultcore" CD (Industrial Recollections)
      feat. Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance, Daniel Menche, Fuck The World, Cunnyplug, W-Project, Incapacitants, The Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy.

V H S / D V D / D V D R


* CON-DOM "We Who Were Living Are Now Dying" DVD (The Epicurean / Peripheral Records / silken tofu)

* DEATH SQUAD "Intent" DVDR (Neural Operations)
* DEATH SQUAD "Intent" VHS (Spastik Kommunikations)
* S.P.K. "Despair - Digitally Extracted" DVD (Twin Vision / CaTV)
* VETROPHONIA "Turning Virgins Into Doves" VHS (Ultra)
* VETROPHONIA "Vizualizacija: Special Edition" DVD + DVDR (Ultrasomnambula U)
* VETROPHONIA / TEINOSUKE KINUGASA "Kurutta Ippeiji (A Page Of Madness)" DVD (Zhelezobeton Film)

M I X E D   M E D I A


* ANEMONE TUBE "Dream Landscape: Special Edition" CD + DVD (silken tofu)

* BRETHREN "The Chosen" 10 inch + DVDR (Freak Animal Records)
* CONTRASTATE "No Eden Without Annihilation" LP + CD (Tesco Organisation)
* DIUTESC "Evilution Resurrected / Draconigena" CD + DVD (Old Captain)
* ERIC LUNDE "XCHDX: The Unexpected Terrain" DVDR + CDR (Traitmediaworks)
* FACTRIX / CAZAZZA "California Babylon" CD + DVD (Superior Viaduct)
* GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ "Cocoon - Live In Antwerp" CD + DVD (Tesco Organisation)
* GENOCIDE ORGAN "Live In Japan 2003 / 2007" CD + DVD (Tesco Organisation / Teito Sound Company)
* GERMAN SHEPHERDS "Music For Sick Queers / Experience The Freedom of Total Control" LP + 7 inch + CS (Superior Viaduct)
* THE GREY WOLVES "Blood And Sand" LP + CD (Cold Spring)
* IRON FIST OF THE SUN "We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps / Live At The Garage 2011" LP + CD (Cold Spring)
* PHURPA "The Magic Rituals Of The Bon Tradition" CD + DVD (Cyclic Law)
* VARIOUS ARTISTS "Epicurean Escapism II" CD + DVD + Catalogue (Epicurean Escapism / silken tofu / Peripheral Records)
      feat. Ke/Hil, Anemone Tube, Post Scriptvm, Trepaneringsritualen, Dieter Müh, Con-Dom.

B O O K S / Z I N E S / P R I N T S


* MANUEL PEREIRA "Patau" Zine (Black Blood Press)

* MÏRKA LUGOSI "Mirka Lugosi 80/90" Book (Timeless)
* MK9 "Anhedonia Tour 2014" Booklet Folder (Neural Operations)
* ROBERT DE GRIMSTON "Satan On War" Zine (Private Edition)
* SATURNO BUTTÒ "Martyrologium" Book (Sottomondo Edizioni)
* SEBASTIAN LARSMO "Bortglömda Sånger om Framtiden" Book (Cuniunction Releases)
* SON EXCELLENCE OTTO "Une Indecence Francaise" Book (Timeless)
* TREVOR BROWN "Trevor Brown Black & White Works" Book (Timeless)
* "Fördämning #1" Fanzine (Fördämning)
* "Noise Receptor Journal Issue No.1" Fanzine (Noise Receptor)
* "Squeal Like A Pig" Artzine (Black Blood Press)
      feat. Joakim Karlsson Kurén, Mikkel Rørbo, Pedro Esteves, Khristopher Reinshagen, Hannes Norrvide, Cooper Carter, Manuel Pereira,
              David Allen.
* "SSEX #4" Fanzine (SSEX)
* "The World Of ... First Issue: Charles Manson Interview" Fanzine (Hanson Records)


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